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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My fav movie 'Dilse'

According to ancient Arabic literature, love is classified into seven different shades. This is true even today. Dil Se is a journey through these 7 shades of love. The feelings are as old as mankind, only the circumstances have changed.
Come step through the shades of love with us...

Hindi - Hub

eyes meet,it is like a touch...a spark...
------------------ Attraction

Hindi - Uns
the touch of the eyeswas as if,it was...
------------------ Infatuation

Hindi - Ishq
the flameof her body is felt,his breath starts igniting...
------------------ Love

Hindi -Aquidat
she touches him like a whisper,as if silence is mixed in her eyes,he prays, a little consciously,a little unconsciously...
------------------ Reverence

he is entangled on her path,entangled in her armslove now turns to...
------------------ Worship

living is an obsession...dying is an obsession...apart from this there is no peace...
------------------ Obsession

let him rest in the lap of death...let him drown his body in her soul...
------------------ Death

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